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How do banks set a credit card limit?

When you make a card, you can see the limit in the product description, for example, up to 300,000 rubles. But it is a big mistake to count on this amount when making a payment. This is just the maximum amount provided for by this program fullzcard, in fact, as much as the Bank wants, so much will be approved

What is important to know:

1. If you apply to the Bank for the first time, it will only approve a small "trial" limit. Do not be surprised if this amount is no more than 50,000 rubles

2. If you have already used the credit services of this institution, the initial limit will be higher, it may reach 100,000 rubles, sometimes higher

3. The creditcarddumpsites2019 limit is the variable: it can be increased. Therefore, you should not refuse to receive a card if you counted on one limit, but you were approved for another

Credit card limit

When setting a limit, the borrower's solvency does not play a major role. When determining the size of the line, the Bank will consider the situation bestccshop that the borrower uses the assigned limit in full: if its level of solvency allows it to service such a debt, the Bank will approve the transaction

In other words, if you want to get a card with a large limit, your income must allow you to service this limit. And an increase in the credit carddumps limit is carried out only if the customer's solvency is sufficient for this purpose